1. 5 July 2014

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    dopedamine said: hey i totally did the write about the archive of your body prompt you seriously should give me more prompts to do like drop everything you're doing and make me write things



    anyways, for anyone who wanted it, let me strangle one out of the air:

    • use ghost lines (Rachel McKibbens introduced these to me): open up a poem you like, pick out a line, erase the context from your brain, and write an entire new piece about this line. when you’re done, take the original line out or replace it.
    • write a piece solely focusing on feelings of anxiety or panic, and try to embody this through the language and word choice as well as the subject
    • write a piece to yourself from someone you admire or whose work you know intimately (check out Frida Kahlo to Marty McConnell)
    • write a list piece cataloguing dreams you’ve had (recurring dreams, even better)
    • try to convey a story or message through writing entirely about a place setting, with no plot points or characters, just setting description. literary devices are your friend here
    • write a revenge poem (like half the poems i write are revenge poems. perks of being a poet and an asshole)
    • find some photographs you’ve taken, print them out, and write blocks of text over them to be consumed as one cohesive body of work
    • find someone you never got closure with and write a transcript of the voicemail you’d leave them
    • on the flipside, write a transcript of the voicemail you’d like to receive from them (I kind of got this idea from Miranda July)
    • write a piece about the Dead Sea
    • write about where you see yourself in x years, parallel to someone you love but will probably be separated from in x years
    • write some stuff you and your rebellious alter ego would probably spray paint on a building
    • write a love poem or a poem to comfort a specific day of the year in lieu of a person

    These great writing prompts just get my brain boiling and my pen-finger itching already…

  2. jtotheizzoe:


    The Human Body: The Phenomenal Digestive Journey of a Sandwich, LIFE magazine • December 7, 1962 - Unkee E.

    Arthur Lidov

    Did someone take some shrooms with that sandwich?